comme to mama

in line at SF h&m for comme des garcons singular drop

the loot

the doors opened and hundreds of boys and "like boys" ran in for dropped crotches and polka-dots. wool shorts were on everyone's short list and we were left short changed. but life's too short so we scooped up all the collared shirts and polka-pants we could. this is not a post for bragging rights, this is a post to explain bagging rights. the amazing thing is that after waiting in line for something the price becomes more and more abstract and the shopping bags become symbols for time spent in the process. after waiting in line for 2 hours and shopping (i.e. grabbing, snatching, eyeing, wheeling, dealing) for 1 more hour we all had every right to justify our bags today. and hey, the economy needs it. rei for secretary of the clothing cabinet.

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