new york fashion week

we're back in san francisco now after an exciting buying trip to new york! We're so excited about all the great new pieces coming in next season. our spring line up will include Alexander Wang and Maison Martin Margiela! and here's a little sneak peek of what you can expect from Rachel Comey. enjoy!

there is a mime waiting for the bus across the street

in other news,

new items here from yours truly

Rachel Co Me

We just received an Autumn/Winter shipment of new digs! Give Spring the (two new kinds of Rachel Comey) boot and get you somey Comey dresses!

Now the store has a hint of leopard print, a pinch of rosebud and a splash of'll just want to scarf it down! If you build it, they will Comey.

Rachel Comey? more like YAYchel Comey!


hope you all are relaxing on monday either BBQ'ing or drinking a nice cup of something in the sun or at a park

start me up

houdini cheers to cheap thrills and coffee chills