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more from mociun in store now!

salute your yorks

we're new york bound to see the next great things from some of NYC's finest designers. in the meantime you can shop pieces from mociun, rachel comey, and vena cava (pictured above) now at!

if you can't eat'em join'em

a humorous addition to the anica Fall lineup. pre-order your "I ATE MARY-KATE" T online here

walk it out

these boots are made for walkin! Rachel Comey $330 and $407 - out the door.

hello lover

what in the blazers? step into these shorts and lock and load the attached jacket and we guarantee you will feel invincible. alter-ego and superpowers sold separately. $529 by Lover.

this is not your Lover's hoodie. this work of art is just for lady parts. $265 by Lover.