Gift Idea

Local French Designer, Hortense's jewelry is delicate, refined, elegant and the perfect gift!
Below is the sun necklace which symbolizes warmth and harmony. 14K gold and on a 16" chain.

Just In: Falls Cashmere Tops and Dresses

Cowl Back Halter Dress in Black

Knot Top in Sandstone

Ruffle Top in Black

Perfect Shoe

United Bamboo Golf Tassel Shoe
On sale Now!

Winter Warmth

Great cover ups this season...

Anica Wish List...

We are launching something new this holiday season! A wish list for our customers. Come in and fill one out or email a list of the style name, designer and size which can be found online at See example below.
Then, have your loved ones come in and give us your name...we will have your wish list on file...Happy Holidays!

Interview with Designer from Bing Bang Jewelry

AB: Where did the name "Bing Bang" come from?
BB: Bing Bang came from the sound of the hammer hitting an anvil.

AB: What was your experience before Bing Bang?
BB: I was making sculpture before i started with jewelry so i was using the
hammer and anvil alot, on the larger scale. Then when i went into
making jewelry i applied a lot of the same techniques but on a very
small scale. And hence, Bing Bang's hammered surfaces and forged

AB: Do you have any designers you look to for inspiration?
BB: The design inspiration is mostly from antique and found objects and i
draw alot of inspiration from New York City, where i live. I am also
influenced by my personal interests, and those of my dear and
inspiring friends.

AB: What is your latest collection about?
BB: The latest collections are a kind of combination
of punk rock and 1940's elegance -all wound up and re imagined in a
modern sort of way-coco chanel refinement and rough around the edges debbie harry punk.

AB: On your playlist?
BB: I'm listening to beirut- gulag orkestar

Project Runway : Rami Kashou

Designer Rami Kashou wins last weeks contest on Project Runway. Above are two styles we have from his fall collection!

The Perfect High Waisted Pant

Grey Ant High Waisted Braided Jean

Ruhtenberg Alexander

The perfect travel bag. We love the french vintage buttons.

Vena Cava Color Bleed

Vena Cava's inspiration this season was the desert. The designers did the pueblo print in two different colors: the navy pueblo and the grey pueblo. These are some of my favorite fall pieces.

First Post

Anica Boutique's first blog entry! We are so excited to lauch this new addition to the store. Check back on a regular basis, we will keep you updated on new happenings at the store including designer interviews, new collections in the store, runway trends, vintage updates, sneak peeks to upcoming seasons and more...