I Saw Shapes

wonder years: werkplaats typografie, Tina Frey thick clear bangle made of resin, RGB nail polish in red and crimson

lizzie fortunato and jasmin shokrian

lizzie fortunato mad men 11 necklace with jasmin shokrian draft NÂș 17 yellow large pouch and medium clutch

Step into these...

dieppa restrepo with a detacher over the knee socks

Gift Ideas From Anica

Lauren Manoogian leather cuffs in solid black, black/ivory and pattern bangle in fluorescent red and peach

new arrivals: apiece apart

apiece apart gets its inspiration from the beautiful practicality of modern architecture and simplified forms. subscription to the theory of less is more and design along a grid system to deliver perfect mix-and-match staples.

the line is produced in New York City and is designed by Laura Cramer and Starr Hout. please click on the picture to see our collection of apiece apart.