i want candy

candy-colored vintage rings at $65 a (lolli) pop

vintage party and sale

come into the store today to browse the new vintage stock and enjoy mimosas and treats. 30% off all vintage clothing today only.


mary buckle clog $330

wood wood blockheads

licking our chops...

the man in the brown shorts delivered a truck-full of goods to us at anica today! are you ready for this? wood wood, clu, mociun, and rachel comey shoes. and to top it all off, anica also completed the first installment from our private label collection today. calling all fence-sitting, seasonal shoppers - the time has come. we'll see you soon. (new items will be added to our online shop soon!)

new in: rachel comey

new in: lanyard

knotted necklaces for not a lot. niiiiiice.

spotlight on: velvet

furry, silky, plush, crushed, smooth, delicious velvet.
shop our velveteen vintage!