new york new york!

we recently came back from nyc and found some great pieces for fall! attached are some photos of what we will have.

a detacher


alexander wang

like the ice in your drink

Tina Frey bracelet $300

more on tencel...and new spring arrivals will be up on our site soon

Tencel: A new fiber

Dec 11, 1999 - © Lili Pintea-Reed

Tencel: A new fiber by Lili Pintea-Reed
Tencel is a new fiber made in a process that is similar to the creation of rayon. As with rayon, cellulose cellulose, primarily from wood pulp, is used to make the fiber. Whether this creates a natural product is open to discussion.

The process involves dissolving wood pulp with a solvent which unlike the process for rayon or cupra, is a relatively non-toxic amine. The dissolved pulp is then forced through tiny holes called spinnerettes creating long, smooth, lusterous fibers much like silk in appearance and drape. It can be dyed to deep color.

what is tencel

a few of our designers like alexander wang and clu are using tencel this season. many of you have asked what this is...
tencel: n. 1 a: the trademarked brand name for lyocell, a natural cellulosic fiber with excellent moisture absorption and an exceptionally silky hand. b: a sustainable, dyeable, wrinkle-resistant material that can be blended with a variety of other fibers, including cotton, rayon, polyester, silk, hemp, linen, and wool. c: fabricated using a closed-loop process that doesn’t require bleach, although some manufacturers may use chemical processes, enzyme baths, and dyes that may or may not be environmentally sound.