Interview with Designer from Bing Bang Jewelry

AB: Where did the name "Bing Bang" come from?
BB: Bing Bang came from the sound of the hammer hitting an anvil.

AB: What was your experience before Bing Bang?
BB: I was making sculpture before i started with jewelry so i was using the
hammer and anvil alot, on the larger scale. Then when i went into
making jewelry i applied a lot of the same techniques but on a very
small scale. And hence, Bing Bang's hammered surfaces and forged

AB: Do you have any designers you look to for inspiration?
BB: The design inspiration is mostly from antique and found objects and i
draw alot of inspiration from New York City, where i live. I am also
influenced by my personal interests, and those of my dear and
inspiring friends.

AB: What is your latest collection about?
BB: The latest collections are a kind of combination
of punk rock and 1940's elegance -all wound up and re imagined in a
modern sort of way-coco chanel refinement and rough around the edges debbie harry punk.

AB: On your playlist?
BB: I'm listening to beirut- gulag orkestar

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Sassy said...

I"m coveting these necklaces!!! all of them.